Just has the name implies IPIS  is existing to directly or indirectly make the world better for the common man, the highborn and the wealthy through innovations and revolutionary ideas and technology. Our motto is “Making the world a better place through innovative ideas and technologies”.

  Our services are diverse and all encompassed as one. Our target customers are the general public. Every man, woman, child, entrepreneur, S.M.E’s, Giant corporations, Government Institutions, Politicians and everyone from all walks of life will benefit from this company’s initiatives.

    Listed below are our services :

  1. Business Development/ Idea Development (consultation)
  2. Project Management
  3. Independent Marketing/ Advertising(PR management)
  4. Corporate Representation
  5. Campaign and Propaganda Management
  6. Handling Bureaucratic / Financial Affairs(clandestine services)
  7. Real Estates
  8. General Contractors( Civil, supplies, installations, maintenance, adhoc contracting)
  9. Business Deal Brokerage/ Facilitators(Cars, Landed Properties, Private Airplanes, Oil & Gas, Maritime etc. )
  10. Think Tank(Solution Finders)